101 New Business Ideas To Steal And Use

101 New Business Ideas To Steal And Use

As a serial entrepreneur I have a practice of writing down 10 new business ideas every day. Over the last 2 years I’ve filled multiple notebooks with 100’s of new business ideas. Crazy ideas, weird ideas, bad ideas and some great new business ideas. Lucky for you, I’ve painstakingly gone through all of my notebooks […]

Introducing Startup Colors – Killer Color Combos For Your Startup

Startup Color Combinations

In order to make some noise about my new startup Logobly, I’ve just launched an amazing new resource called Startup Colors. Startup Colors is a selection of killer color combinations for your startup. The site features 15 amazing color combinations that are perfect for todays startups. Finding that killer color combination for your internet startup […]

Introducing Logobly, the delightful new logo maker for startups coming soon.


I’m working on something new. It’s big. A proper startup. It’s called Logobly. Logobly will be a delightful new logo maker made just for startups. A logo maker you say? Yes a logo maker. For startups. But you’re a designer, why would you make a logo maker? That’s exactly why I should make a logo […]

The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages

After 2 months of writing, research and re-writing I’m thrilled to announce my new book The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages is now available! I knew a lot about creating a landing page before I wrote this book. Now, through the process of research and writing, I know a lot more about landing pages. And I’ve […]

Introducing LandingStock, a collection of free images for landing pages


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1554638607208{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]  I spend a lot of time creating landing pages for new projects and business ideas. Finding a quality, free image for your landing page can be tough. You can pay for a subscription on Shutterstock. But it’s expensive. Especially if you’re just testing a new idea. To solve this problem I’ve […]

Read this before starting your next online business

business ideas

They say prevention is better then cure. When it comes to business ideas, this most definitely applies. Inspired by Jon Yongfook’s Startup Idea Validation Doc and my own experiences, I’ve put together a checklist of questions to ask yourself before embarking on that next online business idea. Take a good hard look at yourself in […]

Stop reading.

A hugely successful maker I follow recently stated ‘I don’t read books’. What the fuck? I thought to myself. This guy is a prolific maker. I mean, he’s making huge amounts of revenue each month. Apparently, he reads very little at all. Further mentioning ‘I learn everything from doing. Not reading.’ I think he’s onto […]

What Is Social Proof And Why You Need It

Social Proof

What’s the first thing you look for when choosing a new place to eat? Most likely it’s how many people are in the restaurant. You’re looking for validation in the form of other people. This is social proof. Social proof is a very powerful thing. Social proof influences people’s decisions on a daily basis. From […]

10 Things You Need To Do After You Launch Your Website

10 Things You Need To Do After You Launch Your Website

You’ve just finished your new website. Finally, it’s finished. You’re excited. It’s time to let the world know about it. In this post, I’m going to list the 10 most important things I do after I launch a new website. As an example throughout, I’m going to use my latest side project howmuchforapint.com. 1. Get your […]