💊 Portfolio Pain Relief is On it’s Way, Introducing: Folio Pharmacy


Find updating your portfolio a pain? Relief is on it’s way. Introducing Folio Pharmacy, a new startup helping professionals ease the pain of updating their online portfolios. Aimed at illustrators, graphic designers, product / UX/UI designers, photographers and art workers and motion graphics designers, Folio Pharmacy will offer two remedies for portfolio pain: 💊 Over the […]

Introducing Crazy Conversions, the powerful new landing page playbook

Crazy Conversions landing page playbook

I’ve just published my new book! Crazy Conversions. 100’s of blog posts, dozens of YouTube videos, countless case studies, podcasts, meetings, workshops and A/B tests… To answer one question: 🤔 How do I get more sales on my landing page? Crazy Conversions answers this question.   Get the job done with 104 action-packed pages of: ✅ Case […]

Introducing Getinshape.ai


Want to get in shape? But don’t know where to start? Get a personalised workout plan made just for you with AI.

101 New Business Ideas To Steal And Use

101 New Business Ideas To Steal And Use

As a serial entrepreneur I have a practice of writing down 10 new business ideas every day. Over the last 2 years I’ve filled multiple notebooks with 100’s of new business ideas. Crazy ideas, weird ideas, bad ideas and some great new business ideas. Lucky for you, I’ve painstakingly gone through all of my notebooks […]

10 Things You Need To Do After You Launch Your Website

10 Things You Need To Do After You Launch Your Website

You’ve just finished your new website. Finally, it’s finished. You’re excited. It’s time to let the world know about it. In this post, I’m going to list the 10 most important things I do after I launch a new website. As an example throughout, I’m going to use my latest side project howmuchforapint.com. 1. Get your […]

Amazing Business Card Mockup To Present Your Designs

Download this amazing business card mockup to present your business card designs in style. Featuring 3 different hands holding a business card, this PSD template is perfect for showcasing your business card designs to your clients. On a practical level, it contains smart objects, changeable backgrounds and crystal clear photography. Click here to download PSD […]

Amazing Poster Mockup To Showcase Your Poster Designs

Poster mockup

A poster mockup to showcase your designs beautifully. Make your poster mockups look the business with this fully featured PSD poster mockup available for download and use now. The package includes a model holding a number of different A* poster sizes. Removable paper clips, removable background and a fully layered PSD template in really high […]

My Simple, Free Way To Test New Business Ideas In Just 60 Minutes

Normally when I had a good business idea I would madly rush out and buy the domain name, craft up a WordPress landing page from scratch and even register social handles — it was madness. It took me way too much time and also some money. There’s a much better way to quickly test your […]