Find The Cheapest Place In the World To Buy A Pint

I just launched a new side project, it’s called

The site lists the average price of a pint of beer across 70 cities worldwide, starting with the cheapest places in the world to buy a pint.

I created because every time a friend comes back from a trip abroad I always ask them one question.

It’s not about the weather. It’s not about the food. It’s about the beer. I always ask, ‘how much for a pint of beer there?’

It’s like some sort of ‘travel gauge’ or something for me. A friend once said ‘that’s so Australian!’ But I don’t think I’m alone on this one.

The price of a pint of beer is a big deal. Especially when travelling right? So I created It’s a website that lists the average price of a pint of beer across 70 major cities worldwide.

Depending on your location, the site displays the prices in GBP, USD or Euros.

Prices are based on the average cost of an imperial pint ( 56cl ).

All data listed has been extrapolated from the Go Euro Beer Price index 2016.

Check it out today, and if you like it share it with a friend.