Freelance Designers of London. Level up with Lancerlist.

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent my spare time reaching out to 100’s of freelance designers in London.

I’ve asked them a bunch of questions. How do you find work? Can you recommend a good recruiter? What’s the best UK bank account? I received 100’s of responses.

I’ve paired the communities responses with my own experience and the result is Lancerlist.

At it’s heart, Lancerlist is a simple, community-sourced guide for freelance designers in London. It covers topics including, getting setup, working, running your business and communities.

As well as the main guide, I’m trialling a ‘Lancerlist Community’ which takes the form of a forum.

To get things started I’ve seeded the forum with common questions the freelance design community often ask. I’ve answered the questions myself. I’d love the rest of the community to provide their input too.

As a result of reaching out to my fellow freelance designers in London, I found their biggest challenge is finding work. So I’m also trialling a freelancer only job board to serve both freelancers and workplaces looking to hire.

As always, over the next few months I’ll be observing, iterating and revising Lancerlist based on how the community respond to it.

My long term goal is to make Lancerlist the most useful site in the world for freelancers. I’m starting with the design community in London.

Lastly, A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to join my launch list, answer one of my questions or share the site with a colleague.

As a gesture of thanks, I’m currently adding people to an Our Community section on the homepage of Lancerlist. Including my Yorkshire Terrier Lia ?.

If Lancerlist makes your life a little better, spread the word with a like or share today. ?