Introducing Crazy Conversions, the powerful new landing page playbook

Crazy Conversions landing page playbook

I’ve just published my new book! Crazy Conversions.

100’s of blog posts, dozens of YouTube videos, countless case studies, podcasts, meetings, workshops and A/B tests…

To answer one question:

🤔 How do I get more sales on my landing page?

Crazy Conversions answers this question.


Get the job done with 104 action-packed pages of:

✅ Case studies
✅ Cheat sheets
✅ Templates
✅ Check lists
✅ Psychology
✅ UX

Crazy Conversions Landing Page Playbook by Craig Barber

Founders, marketers, side hustlers and fellow product designers, I’m talking to you.

Boost sales on your landing page today with Crazy Conversions.