Introducing Yeahzy – The Best Stuff to Do With the Lads in London

Yeahzy: The best stuff to do with the lads in London. Delivered every Wednesday.

Happy Friday all!

Today I’m super excited to announce the launch of a new project!

It’s called Yeahzy.

Over the years I’ve organised dozens of catchups with mates in London ( we have a special WhatsApp group called ‘Catchups with the lads’ )

From go-karts to digital darts and even axe throwing.

These catchups are super fun and the highlight of my month.

I’m constantly discovering new and awesome stuff to do.

I’m also a website designer…

So I figured why not combine the two? Yeahzy was born!

Yeahzy is a brand new, once-weekly email that goes out every Wednesday ( just in time for the weekend ) featuring one amazing, tried and tested thing to do with your mates here in London.

So if you’re in London and what awesome suggestions for stuff to do with your mates… head on over to and register today!