A hugely successful maker I follow recently stated ‘I don’t read books’.

What the fuck? I thought to myself.

This guy is a prolific maker. I mean, he’s making huge amounts of revenue each month.

Apparently, he reads very little at all. Further mentioning ‘I learn everything from doing. Not reading.’

I think he’s onto something here.

There is so much information being pushed at us all the time. So much information at our fingertips. We’ve stopped doing. We’re paralysed by too much reading.

I understand the irony that you’re reading this right now. I hope that once you’ve read this, it will change your view on the ridiculous amounts of information we consume. And how little we actually do. Ourselves.

Tim Ferriss has stated that he sees reading as a form of procrastination. A fantastic point.

Another angle on this. We no longer make time for free thought.

There’s a reason great thoughts come to us whilst we’re in the shower. We don’t have a phone shoved in our face forcing our poor brains to process information every second of our waking lives.

Our mind has room to flex its muscles. Therefore we can come up with new ideas on our own.

As creatives we think we need refill our tanks by consuming more and more.

We think we need to get as much information into our heads as possible by reading and viewing 100’s of websites a day. That’s bullshit.

By switching off our phones, computers and minimizing distraction, only then does our mind get the free space for thinking of new ideas. For thinking at all.

Do you think the famous authors who wrote great books or the musicians who made amazing albums had mobile phones interrupting them with a message of how they can get £2.50 off a fucking Deliveroo order. I don’t think so.

So what now? In short. Read less. Minimize information coming in. Think more. Make more. Learn more. By doing.

Allow your mind free time to think and connect the dots on all that information that is being crammed into it. Observe life first hand and not through a screen.

When you give your mind a break from the constant bombardment of information you will find yourself being more creative.

On a practical level, when you’re commuting take a notepad with you and write. Don’t read. I use my commute to stare out the window, think and write down 10 ideas every day.

When you’re waiting in line at the bus stop, look around. Don’t chuck your phone into your face every millisecond of your day. Allow your mind to wander.

The successful people you read about sure as hell don’t spend 6 hours a day consuming other people’s stuff.

They are thinking freely and making things themselves.

Stop reading. Start making. Start learning.

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