The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages

After 2 months of writing, research and re-writing I’m thrilled to announce my new book The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages is now available!

I knew a lot about creating a landing page before I wrote this book. Now, through the process of research and writing, I know a lot more about landing pages. And I’ve put it all in this book for you.

Here’s the complete chapter list:


2. Landing page fundamentals

3. Optimising your copy for more conversions

4. How to use images to maximise conversions

5. Optimising call to actions for maximum conversions

6. Optimising page elements for maximum conversions

7. Optimising pricing for maximum conversions

8. Optimising forms for maximum conversions

9. Using social proof to increase conversions

10. Advanced ways to increase conversions

11. Following up

12. Conclusion

It’s packed with helpful diagrams

Here’s what people are saying about it

Here’s 5 reasons why you should grab a copy

  1. You’ll learn the fundamentals of a what makes a great landing page
  2. You’ll learn how to get more clicks, conversion and signups on your landing page
  3. It has lots of real world case studies
  4. It has lots of diagrams to make learning easier
  5. If you’re not completely satisfied with the book, I’ll refund your money

Click here to get your copy of The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages.